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How to translate CmathOOoCAS in your language ?

vendredi 24 septembre 2010, par Christophe Devalland

Currently CmathOOoCAS is available in :

french complete Christophe
english complete Christophe and

Rod Lockwood

German in progress Daniel kennig

Your language is not (yet) available ?
You want to improve the english translation ? you are welcome !
I describe below the code you will have to translate :

First of all you have to download the CmathOOoCAS.oxt file (
Unzip this file (perhaps you will have to rename it

  1. The documentation (/Fichiers folder)
    Create your own "CmathOOoCAS user guide.odt"
  2. Menus and toolbar
    add your translations in addon.xcu file
  3. Package description (/pkg-desc folder)
    add your file.
    Describe it in /description.xml ( node).
    Add also your translation in description.xml for and nodes.
  4. Templates for function editor (/Fichiers/Modeles/ folder)
    You need to create two versions of your file :
    one for windows in /Fichiers/Modeles/ISO-8859-15/
    one for linux in /Fichiers/Modeles/UTF-8/
    translate existing files and replace in name of file "-fr" by your language
    (see for your code)
  5. Source of add-in (/Sources/CAS_impl.cxx)
    Edit the file.
    Add your language in functions :
      OUString SAL_CALL CASImpl::getDisplayFunctionName( const OUString& aProgrammaticName )
    you have ensure that the name you will chose for a function in CmathOOoCAS will not conflict with a built-in OOo-Calc function.
    See : page for a list of built-in Calc functions (find your language of course !)
      OUString SAL_CALL CASImpl::getFunctionDescription( const OUString& aProgrammaticName )
      OUString SAL_CALL CASImpl::getDisplayArgumentName( const OUString& aProgrammaticName, sal_Int32 nArgument )
      Any CASImpl::syntaxErreur(void)
      Sequence< Sequence< Any > > CASImpl::syntaxErreurMatrix(void)
      Any CASImpl::notYetImplemented(void)
      Sequence< Sequence< Any > > CASImpl::notYetImplementedMatrix(void)
  6. OOoBasic code
    Open OOo with CmathOOoCAS extension installed.
     Modify the following macros :
    CmathOOoCAS.mCalc.Documentation : add the name of your documentation document
    CmathOOoCAS.mLocalisation.localise : add your translations
    CmathOOoCAS.mLocalisation.message : add your translations
     Add translations of dialog box :
    Save your job.
  7. Send me the modified files.
    (for #6, on Linux, files are located at something like /home/chris/